Protein bars are a quick and convenient way to increase your protein intake.
But what protein bars are the best for you? We are here to help!

Whether you want to get the most juice for your buck, or you want maximize proteins over calories, we offer a quick and easy way to sort through hundreds of bars and find the right fit for your needs.

To get you started, here are our top 3 bars in the most popular categories.

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Most protein per serving

If you've got one bar in your bag and you want to make it count, here are the bars that will deliver the most proteins in a single wrapped portion.

  1. Vegetarian 32g Protein 410 Calories 42g Total carbs 39g Net carbs
  2. Vegetarian 30g Protein 380 Calories 27g Total carbs 9g Net carbs
  3. Vegetarian 25g Protein 260 Calories 19g Total carbs 18g Net carbs

Most protein per dollar

If you are on a budget, we have selected for you the bars that will provide the most proteins for your dollar.

  1. Vegetarian 20-21g Protein 180-200 Calories 17-18g Total carbs 10-12g Net carbs 16.6g Protein per $
  2. Vegan 20g Protein 290 Calories 29g Total carbs 27g Net carbs 15.4g Protein per $
  3. Vegetarian 30-32g Protein 380-410 Calories 42-47g Total carbs 32-44g Net carbs 14.4g Protein per $

Most protein per calorie

For those of you on a cut, here are the best choices we have found to get your proteins while minimizing your calorie intake.

  1. Vegetarian 17g Protein 130 Calories 20g Total carbs 7g Net carbs 13g Protein per 100 Cal
  2. Vegetarian 21g Protein 180 Calories 17g Total carbs 11g Net carbs 12g Protein per 100 Cal
  3. Vegetarian 21g Protein 180 Calories 24g Total carbs 4g Net carbs 12g Protein per 100 Cal